Removing Ads is Easy To Do

Distracting Newspaper Ads

I LOVE for all the information that I can find about my ancestors. Saving those articles is easy when the article is in a column or two, and not mixed with other content, like advertisements. I really don't like seeing ads for hemorrhoids or other odd things mixed into his funeral notice for example.

original Clipping modified clipping

Removing Them is Easy to Do

Thank goodness there are a couple of easy ways to clean these up. The first way is actually pretty easy using photoediting software and just "masking out' or covering the areas you don't want to see with an object, like a square. Or, you can select the area and then just delete it.

The second way is to use a word processor like Microsoft Word, or LibreOffice Writer to mask over the areas you don't want to see. I hope that doesn't sound complicated to you because it really isn't.

If you are interested in this fun project, I have a webpage with instructions on how to do this using a word processor, LibreOffice or Microsoft Word. Click HERE for more information.

Happy "Clipping"!