Travel to Your Ancestral Home Lands

Take a "Drive" around Ireland Without Even Leaving Your Home!

I really enjoy using Google Earth, a FREE mapping service that shows you a great deal of information about different locations around the world. I can use it to travel around to see places my ancestors came from. I have ancestors that came from Ireland, then to New Brunswick, Canada before finally settling in the California area. Using Google Maps and Earth, I have traveled to see what those areas might have been …

Family Reunions - Strengthening Families

Summer has snuck up on me once again. It wasn’t very long ago that we still had snow on the ground. As with many families, we have been once again been faced with the thoughts about getting all our family together for a reunion. I am a procrastinator by trade, or maybe it is just my ADHD that causes me to be chronically distracted, but I am only now beginning to think about this …

"Clean Up" Newspaper Clippings

Have you ever wanted to "clean up" newspaper clippings of your ancestors that have mixed content in them? The funeral notice for my great-grandfather below has little sections about "hemorrhoids" and "hearing problems" mixed into the article. I find them distracting. It is actually very easy to remove these…

Keep Your Digital Files Safe

Most of us engaged in family history work will have a slew of digital photos & documents stored on our computer’s hard drive representing years of hard working to collect them. We always hope that we will never lose those files. Have you ever experiences data loss? It's a heart wrenching….
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