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Capturing and Saving Browser Images

Creating screenshots are a commonly performed task with family history work. We find items in our searches that we want to save for future use, such as certificates, source information, a photograph, etc. Where items can not be downloaded, screenshots are better than nothing. Here are some tips about capturing data from websites.


Animating Old Photos - Harry Potter Like Photos

Just recently, MyHeritage released some fascinating new artificial intelligence technology to animate old photographs, just like those seen in the Harry Potter movies. I have to admit, it is a bit "creepy" watching an old photo suddenly "coming to life" but still worth checking out, even if just for the fun of it and hey, maybe you will do some more discovering about your ancestors as well.

Creating Full Backup Sets


Over the Christmas holidays, I went through a somewhat harrowing experience with our precious family photo collection of over 40,000 photos that we have taken over our 46 years of marriage. One evening, I discovered that a FULL YEAR of photos was simply GONE ... not there ... no folder! I’m sure that you have experienced the same chest tightening feeling of dread and anxiety that I felt that night. How could this happen to me? I am someone who is careful in using the “3-2-1 Backup Strategy” which I have previously covered in an earlier blog.

When We Die, Who Gets Our Family History Stuff?

Where do all our photographs, histories, pedigrees, and other family history collections go when we die? As my parents got into their 80s, my mom began to get anxious about passing on all the boxes of family history collections to someone in the family. There were about 6 good sized boxes filled with photo albums, certificates, and other treasures. She wanted to make room in the overstuffed closet where they were kept. Being the oldest in the family, I was the first one asked. Of course I took them and hauled them from Texas to my home in Idaho. It was like having an extra Christmas that year.

Contacting Living Unknown Cousins

One of the things that I like about FamilySearch is the ability to connect with living cousins that are updating information about my ancestors. I may not know these individuals, but it is easy to contact them with questions or additional information. This ability to connect with others is a really important aspect of family history work.

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About Me: I am a retired pediatrician who has a love for technology use in family history. I have been given a rich heritage of photos, old letters, stories, videos, and more from my ancestors. I love to preserve that heritage and share it with my two generations of posterity now. Sharing my ancestor's heritage as well as my own, with my posterity allows them to discover more about their own heritage as well.

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