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Preserving YOUR Heritage
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     Our family history group has been making a push for the more broad numbers of organization members to write a story about an ancestor or themselves and attach that story to an uploaded photograph. Preserving our ancestor's heritage certainly is important so that ...

Staying Safe
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     Where do you keep your passwords? Over the years volunteering at the FamilySearch Library, I have observed a lot of interesting, but scary, password practices by our library patrons. Slips of papers, little black books, binders, ...

Email Account Security
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     I recently worked with a lady that was locked out of her gmail account. Unfortunately this is a fairly common issue, especially for us older folks. Another person had her Gmail account taken over by a hacker who used it to send out emails requesting "help" for a ...

Learning to Love It!
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     FamilySearch is a wonderful place to find new ancestors and to preserve and share our heritage. In the past, FamilySearch was simply a collaborative family tree. In the past 5-6 years they have added the ability to upload and share our photos, documents, stories, ...

Getting it Right!
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     One of the common scanning problems I have seen over the years with photos uploaded to FamilySearch has been one that is shown above. A photo is scanned on a flatbed scanner, but the person forgot (or didn't know how) to crop the photo so the rest of the scanner bed is ...

Improving Your Family Photographs
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     I imagine that there everyone has taken at least one "dark" photo in their lifetime like that on the right. In today's world of digital photography, we likely took so many photos that a "dark" one would have been quickly deleted. However, what about a dark photo ...

Understanding the Process
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     Obtaining and saving family history search information such as for certificates, photographs, source information and so forth is a commonly performed task with family history work. The best option is to actually download a copy of the item we want. Where items can not be downloaded, ...

Animating Old Photos
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     Just recently, MyHeritage released some fascinating new artificial intelligence technology to animate old photographs, just like those seen in the Harry Potter movies. I have to admit, it is a bit "creepy" watching an old photo suddenly "coming to life" but still ...

Creating "Full Backup Sets"
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     Over the Christmas holidays, I went through a somewhat harrowing experience with our precious family photo collection of over 40,000 photos that we have taken over our 46 years of marriage. One evening, I discovered that a FULL YEAR of photos was simply GONE! There ...

About Me: I am a retired pediatrician who has a love for technology use in family history. I have been given a rich heritage of photos, old letters, stories, videos, and more from my ancestors. I love to preserve that heritage and share it with my two generations of posterity now. Sharing my ancestor's heritage as well as my own, with my posterity allows them to discover more about their own heritage as well.

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