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Animating Old Photos - Harry Potter Like Photos

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Just recently, MyHeritage released some fascinating new artificial intelligence technology to animate old photographs, just like those seen in the Harry Potter movies. I have to admit, it is a bit "creepy" watching an old photo suddenly "coming to life" but still worth checking out, even if just for the fun of it and hey, maybe you will do some more discovering about your ancestors as well.

Removing Them is Easy to Do

Distracting Newspaper Ads

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Have you ever wanted to "clean up" newspaper clippings of your ancestors that have mixed content in them? The funeral notice for my great-grandfather below has little sections about "hemorrhoids" and "hearing problems" mixed into the article. I find them distracting. It is actually very easy to remove these…
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About Me: I am a retired pediatrician who has a love for technology use in family history. I have been given a rich heritage of photos, old letters, stories, videos, and more from my ancestors. I love to preserve that heritage and share it with my two generations of posterity now. Sharing my ancestor's heritage as well as my own, with my posterity allows them to discover more about their own heritage as well.

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