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There are many different kinds of "family history" activities. It's not all about researching ancestors, scanning old photographs, and so forth. It's just not about our ancestors! Think about this for a moment...some of you are grandparents or parents. You are the "ancestor" to your posterity of children, grandchildren, or even great grandchildren. Or, if you are still young and not yet married, one day you may have posterity.

How will your posterity remember you? Or...will those memories of you fade with time? It is said that after 3 generations, 95% of all the memories about you will fade away. I expect that it is much worse...probably after two generations many of those life memories will be gone.

STORIES are what keep those memories alive! They are so easily recorded, saved, AND shared with your posterity.

FamilySearch has made this so easy for us to do. Did you know that you can write down a short memory of an event that happened in your life, put a photo (or photos) with that story, and then SHARE it with family members? Sharing is as simple as clicking on the "Share" button, copying a link, and then sending that link in email or a text message. Can you imagine your young grandchildren clicking on a text message or email that you just sent them and reading your story with the photos attached to it? This happens without having them need to log into FamilySearch! They don't even have to have an account. You can share a lot of stories with them.

Stories are not histories! They are simply one or two paragraph memories about an activity, a hard time in your life, a success, funny school memories, and so on. Stories are
meant to be shared with family. They will remember you AND learn more about you through the stories that you share. this time of home "lockdown", take some time to go into FamilySearch and type up some short stories about your life events, attach any photos you may have about that story, and then share those page links with other family members. If you are interested in doing this, and are not sure how to do so, please contact me. I would be more than happy to help you get started. Who knows, you may suddenly find yourself hooked on doing this. It is
so easy to do and I know that your posterity will simply love it.

For more information about "STORIES" and some sample stories to get you thinking,

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About Me: I am a retired pediatrician who has a love for technology use in family history. I have been given a rich heritage of photos, old letters, stories, videos, and more from my ancestors. I love to preserve that heritage and share it with my two generations of posterity now. Sharing my ancestor's heritage as well as my own, with my posterity allows them to discover more about their own heritage as well.

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