Animating Old Photos - Harry Potter Like Photos

You have got to see this new development with photographs!

The animated photo actually comes from the photo on the right. The animation module picks an area of the photograph where the face is located and crops the rest of it away.

If you are a MyHeritage subscriber, this is a FREE service for you to try out. I had discussed the other two services they have, that of enhancing and colorizing photographs in a past blog. The colorizing is actually not too bad for most photographs. The enhancement module struggles more as it often just finds a face or two to improve and misses most faces in groups.

Is animation really all that helpful in your family history work?

If you are more into finding new ancestors through research, you may find this technology distracting. However, if your emphasis at this time is to provide “discovery experiences” for your less than interested family members, this could be one of those little “can openers” to get them excited to learn more about their ancestors.

Have Fun Making
"Harry Potter - Like"
Animated Photographs

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