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FamilySearch Media Gallery

     FamilySearch is a wonderful place to find new ancestors and to preserve and share our heritage. In the past, FamilySearch was simply a collaborative family tree. In the past 5-6 years they have added the ability to upload and share our photos, documents, stories, and even audio recordings of our ancestors.

Preserving and Sharing Our Heritage

     Did you know that you can upload photographs of your ancestors, attach them to stories, and then share them easily with family members? The same is true of your own life stories and photographs that you wish your posterity to remember you by.

     The Media Gallery in FamilySearch is a place to help make our ancestors come alive for us and our own lives come alive for our posterity. FamilySearch is more than just a family tree. Being able to store their photographs, stories, audio recordings, and other documents is a great way to better understand the lives of our family.

     If you think about it, WE are also ancestors to our children and grandchildren (or one day will be). What better way to preserve our own heritage for our posterity to see. We lived our history. It's easier for us to write down those brief memories of challenges, successes, happy and sad times, and so forth. Our descendants won't have the perspective of our lives as we do. They can only write about their perceptions and experiences of life with us.

Exploring FamilySearch Media Gallery

     I recently created interactive webpages that can help you better understand the inner workings of the Media Gallery. Take some time to click on the information icons. There are two webpages currently written and more to come so check back periodically.


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