Contacting Your Unknown Living Cousins

Get Acquainted With Your Cousins

     One of the things that I like about FamilySearch is the ability to connect with living cousins that are updating information about my ancestors. I may not know these individuals, but it is easy to contact them with questions or additional information. This ability to connect with others is a really important aspect of family history work.

     Connecting allows us to share photos, additional stories, information, or documents, and so much more. It is a chance to meet that living cousin that you may never have met before. For me, it's been a lot of fun to "meet" them through email connections and learn more about them. Each party may have pieces of the puzzle we are attempting to complete. For example, in 2019, my Hudson line was a "dead-end" at my 2nd great grandfather. A year or so before, I had shared some Hudson photos with an individual that was connected to my line. In 2019, he inherited a lot of Hudson/Brown family history photos and documents. One of those documents was a family bible page that contained the names of my 2nd great grandfather's siblings! From that piece of paper, I was able to find his father, and grandfather, along with adding 5 additional descendancy lines.

     Sharing information brings us all together in this great purpose of finding our family. Here's how this works. In FamilySearch, every fact or piece of information that is added to the tree, will have the contributor's name attached to it. Here's an example below.


     The contributor's name is a blue link that you can click on as noted above. A dialog box, as noted below, will open up to display their contact information. Occasionally, the person may not have allowed their email address to show up for privacy reasons. However there is still a "Send a Message" link that you can click on to connect with that person. They will receive notification that there is a message awaiting them in FamilySearch.


Don't hesitate to contact others for more information! You may be surprised by what kinds of information they have and that has not yet been posted into FamilySearch!

Saturday July 11th, 2020