Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Preserving Quality Photos?

     Are you one of the many out there that have old grainy black & white photos of your ancestors, or maybe of your early childhood? Some exciting developments are coming as Artificial Intelligence continues to develop! Artificial Intelligence is slowly creeping into the photography field. What you say? How is this? I admit I was a bit skeptical over the past year or so as different software claimed to have "A.I." capabilities. However, I am quickly becoming a convert to this whole process. Just take a look at the following 3 photos. The first photo is the original, and, okay, it's not that bad of a photo. Keep reading! The 2nd photo has been enhanced (increased pixel density), and the 3rd photo has been enhanced AND colorized.

image image image

     Did I hear a "Wow, where did you go to do that?" If you have a membership to myHeritage, this is a free service for Premium Members, but you can also do up to 10 free photos if you are not a member. Yes…this is probably a marketing ploy to increase their membership, but you have to admit that it is pretty catchy! I can edit a photo that gets pretty close, but it does take some time.

     The enhancement is not perfect especially when there are multiple faces in the photo. The enhancement often does not include areas outside of the face region, but hey, it is still worthwhile running your photos through MyHeritage photo enhancement. Personally I am not a great fan of the colorizing, but some folks may like that aspect.

What If I Don't Have a MyHeritage Subscription?

     Let me point you to another site that you can use, also for FREE. You just need to create an account with an email address and password. It is a site called AI Image Enlarger. You can get to it with this LINK . The only drawback with this site is that the images can be no larger than 1200 pixels X 1200 pixels. I don't think the quality is quite as good as MyHeritage, but I didn't use the 8X enhancement, since it is a paid cost. The results still are not bad, so just give the site a try. The max magnification is 4X using the free version.

     The photo below is one that I ran through the AI Image Enlarger site.

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     There are other family history and photo editing software programs that are also now offering emerging "artificial intelligence" technology. MacFamilyTree for Mac Users now offers this technology right in their software.

      Topaz Gigapixel AI is another company that has come out with new software to enhance photos. I bet in the next year, this will really take off! We'll keep you posted.

     If you need some help with editing a photo, contact me through this LINK