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Animating Old Photos
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     Just recently, MyHeritage released some fascinating new artificial intelligence technology to animate old photographs, just like those seen in the Harry Potter movies. I have to admit, it is a bit "creepy" watching an old photo suddenly "coming to life" but still ...

Creating "Full Backup Sets"
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     Over the Christmas holidays, I went through a somewhat harrowing experience with our precious family photo collection of over 40,000 photos that we have taken over our 46 years of marriage. One evening, I discovered that a FULL YEAR of photos was simply GONE! There ...

Our Family History Stuff
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     Where do all our photographs, histories, pedigrees, and other family history collections go when we die? As my parents got into their 80s, my mom began to get anxious about passing on all the boxes of family history collections to someone in the family. There were about 6 good sized ...

Contacting Your Unknown Living Cousins
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     One of the things that I like about FamilySearch is the ability to connect with living cousins that are updating information about my ancestors. I may not know these individuals, but it is easy to contact them with questions or additional information. ...

Descendancy Research
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Most family history novices have the perception that "genealogy" is tracing your lineage back to some "great"-grandfather down the line. There may have been an "Aunt Martha" somewhere in their family that has traced their lineage quite a ways back, giving these novices ...

Artificial Intelligence
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     Are you one of the many out there that have old grainy black & white photos of your ancestors, or maybe of your early childhood? Some exciting developments are coming as Artificial Intelligence continues to develop! Artificial Intelligence is slowly creeping into the photography field. ...

Travel the World
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I really enjoy using Google Earth, a FREE mapping service that shows you a great deal of information about different locations around the world. I can use it to travel around to see places my ancestors came from. I have ancestors that came from Ireland, then to New Brunswick, ...

Family Reunions
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     Summer has snuck up on me once again. It wasn’t very long ago that we still had snow on the ground. As with many families, we have been once again been faced with the thoughts about getting all our family together for a reunion. I am a procrastinator by trade, ...

Removing Ads is Easy To Do
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I LOVE for all the information that I can find about my ancestors. Saving those articles is easy when the article is in a column or two, and not mixed with other content, like advertisements. I really don't like seeing ads for hemorrhoids or other ...

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About Me: I am a retired pediatrician who has a love for technology use in family history. I have been given a rich heritage of photos, old letters, stories, videos, and more from my ancestors. I love to preserve that heritage and share it with my two generations of posterity now. Sharing my ancestor's heritage as well as my own, with my posterity allows them to discover more about their own heritage as well.

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