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Using Photo Metadata

     Do you have a lot of digital photos? Have you ever wondered about how to organize them? Have you ever heard the term "metadata"? We'll learn more about using "metadata" in this blog. It's a great way to organize photos, add "extra" information to each photograph, and increase the ...

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Improving Your Family Photographs

     I imagine that everyone has taken at least one "dark" photo in their lifetime . In today's world of digital photography, we likely took so many photos that a "dark" one would have been quickly deleted. However, what about a dark photo of an ancestor 50 years or more ...

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Artificial Intelligence

     Are you one of the many out there that have old grainy black & white photos of your ancestors, or maybe of your early childhood? Some exciting developments are coming as Artificial Intelligence continues to develop! Artificial Intelligence is slowly creeping into the photography field. ...

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Fun Photo Projects

     Have you ever wanted to place an image inside a shape? Here is a fun Mother's Day project using a photo of your mother, and a heart shape. For Mother's Day, I thought it would be fun to take a nice photo of my mom and place it in a "heart shape". This is actually ...

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Faded, Darkened, or Discolored Photos

     Many of us have old family photos that have discolored, become darker, or lighter over time. Color negatives and even slides can drastically change color over the years giving them those odd color tones. It is a great time to assess the status of your aging family ...

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